Six Commercial Security Mistakes That Could Leave You Susceptible To A Break-In

You need to take all necessary security precautions as a business owner to protect your company's assets. A security breach at your company could completely destroy all the commercial success you've worked so hard for.

By avoiding the following six commercial security mistakes, you can make sure that your facilities are not susceptible to break-ins.

Keeping your exteriors poorly lit at night

Adequate lighting makes it more difficult for would-be burglars to penetrate your facility. It's easier for burglars to get into your facility if it is left in darkness after hours. 

A well-lit exterior will discourage burglars from trying to break in to your facility. Therefore, you should invest in security lighting to keep your exteriors lit around the clock. 

Ignoring computer security

Nowadays, computer security is becoming even more important than physical security. You need to put effort into improving your cybersecurity to protect your company from hackers. 

You can protect your computer network in a variety of ways. You can invest in up-to-date security software for your computers and keep it constantly updated to minimize your chances of infiltration by hackers. 

Leaving important documents and valuables outside of a safe

If you must store sensitive documents at your facility, you should keep them in a safe for protection. Invest in a good safe so that you still have a line of protection even if your physical facility is penetrated by burglars. 

Leaving excessive amounts of cash on your premises on a regular basis

You should bank your company's cash as soon as possible every day. There is no getting back stolen cash, so you need to protect it by depositing it into your company business account rather than letting it accumulate at your facility. 

Having no access control system installed

Access control systems prevent intruders from getting into your facility. An access control system can make it so that only those who you authorize are able to get in to your commercial buildings. 

Not having an alarm system that notifies you when a break-in occurs

Having an alarm installed is a basic security precaution. However, some alarm systems won't notify the business owner about a break-in but will only notify law enforcement.

You should make sure that your alarm system will notify you in the event of a break-in. You need to be made immediately aware of any break-in so that you can collaborate with law enforcement to deal with the issue with minimum consequences for your company. For more information, contact local commercial security services.

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