Tips for Purchasing High-Quality Body Armor Security Products

Whether you are a security professional or a civilian prepping for a potential future emergency situation, body armor is a requirement. However, since you have most likely never shopped for body armor security products before, you may not know what to look for to ensure you choose high-quality gear that will meet your personal needs.

To make sure you get what you need, follow these tips for buying body armor:

Tip: Understand the Legalities of Buying Body Armor

While it is legal in most instances for professionals and civilians to purchase, possess, and wear body armor, it's important you understand there are a few limitations. For example, convicted felons are not permitted to buy, wear, or own body armor at all. Anyone else is free to purchase it without any licenses or other requirements.

In addition, crimes committed while the perpetrator is wearing body armor are charged with much harsher penalties, so body armor does come with some legal restrictions it's important to clearly understand to avoid future legal problems.

Tip: Soft Body Armor with an Insert Is More Comfortable and Moves Better Than Rigid Body Armor Options

Typically, law enforcement officers wear soft body armor for the majority of the work they do. Soft body armor moves much better and will keep you more comfortable when you are wearing it because it allows your skin to breathe.

To reinforce the heart and lung zone on your soft body armor, you need to purchase something like a bulletproof insert. These ridged plates come in a wide variety of thicknesses and ratings to keep you safe against various sizes of projectiles.

Tip: Civilians Only Need Bulletproof Inserts Rated for Handguns

Since a large majority of civilians are killed by handguns each year, this is the appropriate rating for the bulletproof inserts you put into your new soft body armor. While you can purchase more robust inserts designed for rifles or shotguns, they are much more expensive and overkill for most civilian needs. 

Tip: Remember That Your New Purchase Won't Work If You Don't Wear It

In conclusion, it's important to mention your new body armor won't be effective if you skip wearing it! Whether you are a professional or a civilian, it's important to wear your security protection when you are going to be in a situation where it may become useful. While you don't need to wear it to the grocery store, you do need to wear it when you are in danger of potential gunfire.

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