3 Reasons A Small Business Owner Needs A Security Guard

Many small business owners don't give nearly as much thought to their security as they should. If this sounds like you, read on for three reasons that are sure to make you consider hiring a security guard to protect your business.

A Security Guard Will Provide A Sense Of Protection And Safety

It's no surprise that the presence of a security guard makes people feel more secure; that's the very nature of a security guard. If your business is located in a questionable part of town, employing a security guard will offer a measure of protection.

Perhaps your business is in a safe area but purchasing your product or visiting your establishment increases the danger to your customers. For example, if you own a rare coin shop or a jewelry store, customers may feel fearful about walking to their vehicles with their purchases. A security guard can make not only your customers feel safer but you and your employees as well.

A Security Guard Can Maintain Order

Some businesses require security guards to make sure things don't get out of hand. A perfect example is a nightclub. Any time alcohol is involved, things can go awry really quickly. The presence of a uniformed security guard is usually enough to keep people in line and keep problems from escalating. If a customer causes a problem, a skilled security guard can show them to the door.

Even when alcohol isn't involved, some businesses are just more prone to disruption. People can get unruly at a movie theater when popular new releases come out. Video games or new cell phone releases are another instance where having a security guard can make crowd control a lot easier and safer.

A Security Guard Can Reduce Financial Loss

Statistics show that 1 in 11 Americans is a shoplifter. There are a whopping 50,000 shoplifting incidents every single hour in the United States, with a loss of over 33 billion dollars every year. If you are a small business, you may wonder how you can afford a security guard. The real question should be, can you afford not to hire a security guard?

When many small retailers analyze their profit and loss statement and take a close look at their inventory, they often realize hiring a security guard to discourage shoplifting would be less expensive than simply accepting the loss. An omnipresent, visible security guard will go a long way in theft prevention.

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