6 Ways To Keep Your Business Safe While It Is Being Remodeled

When you are remodeling your business, you need to make sure that you don't slack on safety. Many thieves know that people slack on safety during business improvement projects, and target businesses that are undergoing construction or renovation.

1. Use Contractors You Can Trust

Start out by using contractors you can trust. Really vet your contractors, and make sure they are all licensed with the state, carry their own liability and worker's compensation insurance, and have strong references they can provide you with. You can't always hire people you know, but you can make sure you are hiring quality contractors.

2. Keep Tabs on Who Is Working on Your Business

Next, you need to make sure you keep tabs on who is working on your business. Check with the contractors and find out how many contractors they have working each day. Pay attention to who comes in and out, and make sure that uninvited guests are not coming into your business while it is under construction.

3. Lock Up Every Night

Make sure your business is locked up every night. Have someone who is the designated last person, who will make sure windows are shut and locked, building supplies are put away, and all the doors are locked. You want to leave everything secure at the end of the night and locked up. This will also allow you to enable your business alarms.

4. Don't Leave Open Access to Your Business

Don't leave any open access to your business. If a window has to be replaced, ask that it is replaced the same day it is removed. If a door is replaced, make sure it happens within a day. Don't make it easy for someone to break into your business.

5. Hire a Security Service to Patrol Your Business or Area

Next, hire your security services to patrol your business while it is under construction. You can have them drive by every hour in the evening, or you can hire your security staff to get out and walk around the construction site. On-site security personnel can help keep thieves away.

6. Modify Your Alarm System

You may need to make some modifications to your alarm company during the remodeling process. Contact them and let them know you will be remodeling, and work with your security company to keep your business safe while conditions are constantly changing.

As your business undergoes renovations, make sure you keep an eye on safety. Work with your security company to modify your alarm system and see about getting drive-bys from a security company. Hire corporate security guard services you can trust, keep track of who is in your business, and lock things up at night.

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