Keeping Your Business's Email Secure

Email is an indispensable form of communication for many businesses. Unfortunately, email can be a source of security threats and problems. Protecting your business from email-based security threats may seem extremely complicated for business owners who are not tech savvy, but there are some simple steps for effectively keeping your business safe.

Install Filters For Your Company's Email

One of the most important and effective steps for avoiding the risk of your company's network being compromised by email-based threats will be to utilize filters. These filters will scan all of the incoming emails and attachments. This will allow them to identify potentially malicious files so that they can be quarantined. These filters may sound complicated, but they can be fairly simple to install. However, it will be up to the business to ensure that these filters are regularly being updated. Otherwise, they may not protect against emerging threats. Luckily, these filters are usually designed so that updating them will involve little more than clicking a button. In fact, some of these systems may even be able to utilize automatic updates so that you can avoid the need to manually update them.

Ensure Employees Are Trained In The Best Practices For Staying Safe

Despite your efforts at installing safeguards and other security measures, it will ultimately be up to the employees to avoid exposing the network to security threats. For example, phishing attacks are among the most common sources of security breaches, and preventing them will largely rely on employees avoiding inputting their access credentials on malicious websites. Implementing a thorough training routine for all of your workers in the best practices for email safety may seem expensive. However, preventing even a single major security breach can make this more than worth the expense and difficulty.

Utilize Active Monitoring

One of the more troubling aspects of a cybersecurity breach will be that it can be difficult or almost impossible for you to know that it has occurred unless an active monitoring system is in place. Without one of these systems, the cybercriminals may be able to compromise the network for weeks or months before they are detected. Not surprisingly, this could allow for extensive damage and information theft to occur. An active monitoring system will act as a gateway that is designed to look for malicious or otherwise unusual network activity. In addition to alerting you to the security breach, these systems may be able to attempt to stop the network traffic, which may help to limit the damage that occurs.

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