4 Things A Security Guard Can Do That An Alarm System Can't

Installing a security system for your business makes great sense, but your protection efforts should not stop there. An alarm system is but just one layer in the whole plan of protecting your business. You should also include the addition of an unarmed guard. Learn about some of the ways having an alarm system only might fail your business.

Blind Spots

Alarm systems equipped with cameras often have blind spots, which are areas of the building the camera can't capture. Once a blind spot is discovered, a thief can also use the area for cover. A security guard can make their way around your entire building, virtually making it impossible for a suspicious criminal to find a hiding spot. A security guard can be everywhere in the building -- there are no limitations. 

Customer Altercations

When a customer has an altercation in the store, there is little an alarm system can do because they just aren't that sophisticated. A trained security professional, however, can address the individuals and ask them to leave the premises if necessary, which is something the average employer might be uncomfortable doing. Quick handling of this type of behavior keeps everyone in the building safer and it also keeps your other customers happy, which is what is most important for your business. 


Even the most advanced alarm system is at risk for interference. Whether it's a hacker that gains access to the system to disable it, or someone that cuts one of the wires, interference will render the security system useless until the issue is recognized and the necessary repairs are made. There is no way to hack into the security guard's system or cut his or her wires. Throughout their time on the property, the guard will remain alert and in protection mode. 


Contrary to popular belief, crime is not always overt. For instance, a thief doesn't always steal from a store by grabbing a few items and making a mad dash. Sometimes, their activity is easy to miss. However, security professionals are in the business of spotting criminals and are often able to recognize suspicious activity before the average person can, which allows for a faster reaction time. This heightened knowledge and experience keep your business safer overall.

An unarmed guard can do many things that your business's alarm system can't do on its own. For greater protection, don't hesitate to hire a guard for your security needs. Visit a site like https://security-unlimited.com/ to learn more.

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