Can You Use A Courier Service To Transport A Large Item?

Courier services are a versatile, useful method of getting packages and packets delivered quickly. But are there items that are too large to transport by courier? You're likely familiar with fast-paced bike couriers, but there are other options, too.

Most Items Can Be Shipped By Courier

In reality, most items can be shipped by a courier, as long as they aren't controlled items. You can't ship items like firearms or prescription medications through a courier, but you can ship bulky items or strangely shaped items. 

You Need to Alert the Courier First

Your courier service will send appropriate transportation for your items. If you don't tell the courier what you're sending, they may send someone who can't take a large package. Contact the courier with the exact dimensions of the item first so they can figure it out on their end.

Make Sure to Package the Item Correctly

If an item is bulky, over-sized, or strangely shaped, packaging becomes more important. You can help the courier service out by boxing the item carefully and making sure that it's wrapped and taped well. This will improve the chances of it being shipped successfully.

There May Be Some Delays to the Package

If the package really is very over-sized, it may take a little longer. Many courier services offer city-wide delivery within an hour or two. If your package is over-sized, it may take a little longer because they'll need to use a truck rather than a bike. You can ask the courier for an estimate when you tell them about your package. 

Make Sure Your Recipient is Ready

Just because the courier gets the over-sized delivery to your recipient doesn't mean that they're prepared to receive it. Your recipient is going to need to accept the package, too. Make sure to contact the recipient so that they'll be there to accept the delivery.

Look Into a Large Item Courier

If your usual courier service can't take your item for you, you can look for a courier that specifically ships large items. These couriers have larger vehicles but may take more time getting the item delivered because they need to go through traffic and because they need to carry the products themselves. 

In short, nearly any item can be transported by a courier service, but it may be a little more expensive. You should contact a courier service with the approximate weight and dimensions of your package first, and then they can arrange the delivery. Reach out to local courier services to learn more.

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