How To Decide The Number Of Security Guards You Need

Deciding your business needs security guards may have been easy. However, once you've decided to bring in outside security, you'll need to determine just how many guards you will need.

Having too many guards could add an unnecessary expense to your overhead. Having too few guards could prove to be a disastrous mistake should the unexpected happen.Generally, it's better to have more guards. They can cover more ground and help each other in an emergency, but before you decide whether to go with just one or two security guards or a team, here's what to consider.

The Amount of Space to Cover

Even the best security guard can't be in two places at once. If your property or event has more space to cover than a single person realistically could, you'll need multiple officers. While you don't need a guard at each location, your guards should be able to patrol the whole area in a reasonable amount of time.

The Likelihood of Other Duties

Security guards are often seen as authority figures. They might be asked for directions, help people find lost items, and do other general customer service tasks. A security guard can't afford to be stopped by people with customer service requests if they have to spend every second preserving venue security. 

Consider what else a security guard may have to do at your building or event. If they are in a lobby with a lot of foot traffic, for example, it will be difficult for one guard to watch for suspicious individuals if they're being asked for directions every ten minutes. An event that is expected to draw a lot of people poses a similar problem.

The Value of Any Transported or Secured Items

Consider the value of items being transported or secured. Usually, the more valuable the items are, the more guards you will need. An auction of antiques, for example, would call for several guards because of the expensive items on display. A company picnic, however, would have far fewer items to attract thieves.

Your security company will advise you on how many officers you may need in this situation. They will evaluate the risk factors — including location layout — and the item transport distance to make a recommendation.

The Amount of People Present

A big event will normally need multiple guards. Generally, you need at least one guard for every 75 to 150 people present. Lively events, such as a sports game, normally need even more guards.

When you have a large event, security guard visibility is an important factor. This makes people feel secure. It also dissuades people who are thinking about doing something wrong.

Your security guard company will help you decide how many guards you need if you're still not sure. Having too few guards in your building or for your event could have terrible consequences, so it's crucial you make the right decision.  

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