Why Have Security Guards Patrol?

There are a lot of reasons why people utilize security guard services. In some cases, they are hired to stand guard at an entrance and to make sure no one who isn't authorized enters, sometimes they are hired to stand guard at a business to decrease the chances of thefts or vandalism, and sometimes they are hired to make sure only paying customers are in certain areas of an event. Here are some of the many reasons why security guards may be hired to patrol areas: 

Decrease the chances of parking lot crimes

Parking lots can be big targets for criminals. There are many types of crimes that take place in parking lots ranging from everything from purse snatching to murder. Some parking lots have a higher risk of having crimes happening, such as parking lots located in an area known for having high crime and hospital parking lots where some people tend to be distraught and where criminals know there is a good chance that the cars parked in the parking lot won't be checked on often. It's a good idea to have security guards patrol any parking lot that has a higher chance of having criminal activities occurring in them. 

Decrease the chances of crimes on school grounds

There are a lot of problems that can happen on school grounds, especially high school grounds where the children are older and many of them are of driving age. Some of the things that can take place on school grounds include fistfights, skipping class, vandalism, drugs, and even brandishing a weapon or assault with a weapon. Having a security guard patrolling the school grounds can help to cut down on many instances of these types of things happening. When students know that there is a security guard close by it can act as a real deterrent that can help the students to think twice before they commit a crime on the school property. 

Help residents to feel safer at home

People who live in private communities like knowing that the people who are going to be driving or walking down their street are people that have a reason for being in the neighborhood. There is a sense of security that comes with knowing a neighborhood isn't accessible to anyone, including those who are out looking for a home to steal from or a car to take. Having security guards patrolling the communities further adds to the residents' peace of mind. 

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