Three Panic Button Alarms To Use In Your Hotel

One of the best ways that a hotel can ensure the safety of its employees is to invest in a panic button alarm system. These systems vary in design, but all of them share the common trait of allowing a staff member to press a button that will alert others not only to the fact that they're facing an emergency situation but also reveal their location within the building. When you look at different systems, you'll find that there are all sorts of panic buttons that your employees will be able to use. Here are three options that are common.

Wall Mounted

One idea to consider is installing panic buttons in different areas throughout your hotel. It makes sense to have one of these buttons in each guest room, as this is an area in which housekeepers and other employees may face threats from guests behind a locked door. If a housekeeper were to encounter a threatening situation while in a guest room, they could simply press the panic button — ideally without the guest even being aware of the alarm being triggered. The housekeeper could then feel confident that help would be on its way.


While wall-mounted panic buttons can often be useful, there may be times that a hotel employee is unable to get to the button. For example, if a guest were to corner a housekeeper in a part of the room well away from the button, the housekeeper could feel helpless. In this scenario, it would be ideal for the housekeeper to be wearing a wristband-style panic button. These devices are popular because they're always accessible. Even if an employee were in a physical struggle with a staff member or trespasser, they'd likely be able to tap the button on this device to summon assistance.


Companies that produce panic button alarm systems for those in the hospitality industry also offer buttons that staff members can clip on their lapels. This idea can work well for those who dress in long-sleeved attire. For example, a clerk who works at the front desk may wear a suit, and the long sleeves of this garment could make hurriedly accessing the button on a wristband alarm difficult. The clerk may prefer a button that clips to their lapel. In this position, the button would be easy to reach with either hand in the event of a confrontation with an aggressive guest.

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