4 Ways Unarmed Security Guards Can Help Minimize Workplace Security Threats

Do you think security guards are only for preventing theft and vandalism? You might be surprised at how many businesses use security guard services to keep workplace conflict or violence at a minimum. From homicide to assault, work-related violence is a common problem. These issues not only cause business disruptions but can also lead to injuries and death. However, there is a way you can prevent workplace violence and ensure everyone is safe—hiring unarmed security guards. Keep reading for the top four ways security guards can help minimize workplace violence.

1. Manage Customers and Offer Security Monitoring 

Some customers can ruin your day. This is especially true if you are in the service business, such as a bar or restaurant. From verbal to physical abuse, customers who have had more than enough drinks can be violent in more ways than one. This is where unarmed security guards come in. They can intervene and calmly escort the drunk people outside to ensure the situation does not turn ugly. Security guards can also monitor customer behaviors to help identify potential violence and call the police or stop it before it starts.

2. Risk Assessment

Security risk and vulnerability assessment is an integral part of creating a violence-free workplace. Security guards have mastered the best risk assessment methods and ways to respond to security threats. They can point out tried and proven causes of workplace violence such as unsatisfied employees, grudges from former employees, or disputes among employees. Once causes of workplace violence are identified, the security guards will devise and implement measures to prevent or deal with them if they arise.

3. Create Reporting Mechanisms

Unarmed security guards will help cultivate a culture where your employees can report cases of harassment. Your employees will feel comfortable reporting sexual harassment, bullying, intimidation, blackmail, and other forms of workplace mistreatment. Leaving these issues unresolved may brew them into terrific workplace violence. Security guards are trained to respond to conflict and gather relevant evidence to resolve any workplace security matters. Once they are notified, they will effectively address the security issues and report to the relevant authorities to ensure they do not turn violent.

 4. Deal With Chaotic Cases

In the unfortunate events of altercations in the workplace, security guards will react swiftly, calm the situation and call the police. Then, they will analyze to identify the root cause of the problem to help avoid a similar case in the future. Their objective is to make your premises violence-free so that you can focus on running your business with no disruptions.

Unarmed security guards can help bring workplace violence cases in your business to zero. With fewer worries about potential workplace violence, you will have peace of mind to focus on business expansion and growth. 

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